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...a Victorian woman on a spaceship,

...a medieval woman kidnapped by a dragon,

...a typical teenager trying to save an alien world,

...a woman from a matriarchy married to a chauvinistic playboy...


To recklessly go where no woman has gone before...

Matriarchs: Eliza's Revenge

When Captain Rif Lyle is ordered to investigate smuggling on Gaia, a matriarchy, he doesn't want to have to marry and become a father to do it.


When Winga agrees to marry Rif, she does so to preserve her child's heritage. She doesn't want to uncover a conspiracy on Gaia which has been ongoing since the first colonists left Earth. Neither one expects to challenge all their assumptions about men, women, and love, and risk their lives in the process.

"I found it quite refreshing and thought provoking. Great story for young women maybe it will start them thinking." --Dorothy on Amazon

First place in the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference Genre Novel Contest

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